Farmers for Foodies

Farmers for foodies is where all this started!

A little while ago I renovated two acres of neglected agricultural land into becoming a market garden whilst juggling family life and holding down full time employment! Trust me, growing and producing food, even on a tiny scale, can be really hard work!

I enjoyed the experience but became frustrated there were simply not enough hours in the day to explore the more creative side of building a small food orientated business. I knew I wasn’t alone so came up with an idea to develop an online resource to connect local food producers and customers in an informative and entertaining way.

Profits from the land sale funded university, deciding to broaden the website appeal and defining a unique area resulted in the Tamar Valley Vibe being born!

In the coming weeks and months, Farmers for Foodies will feature inspiring local producers located and or selling within the Tamar Valley. The idea is to find out more about farmers, growers and food producers (of all sizes) who sell direct to consumers and businesses, build support and make it easier to buy quality local produce. 

Contrary to certain broadsheet articles, you don’t need a mortgageable set of kitchen knives or utensils to officially be a ‘foodie’! If you enjoy good food, are keen to support local producers and break free from the supermarket, even if only for a very small part of the weekly shop, then this is for you!

Looking for ideas how best to make the most of local seasonal produce? Keep an eye out for our other food related articles coming soon in Eat, Drink, Be Merry!