Meet Liesl, Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner from Repose, Plymouth!

Liesl Borrett is the founder and proprietor of Plymouth based Repose, a unique lifestyle business offering a range of complementary therapies including reflexology, reiki and beauty treatments. Here we find out how Repose came to be and the passion that fuels Liesl’s work.  

TVV: What does Repose offer?

Liesl: A range of complementary therapies to enhance wellbeing as well as a variety of beauty therapies including nails, waxing, lashes and more. I take a lot of pride in the treatments I offer, use the best products available and make time for my customers to unwind, unload the stresses of everyday life and leave feeling much more relaxed and good about themselves.

TVV: What lead to you becoming qualified in complementary and beauty therapies?

Liesl: I have always enjoyed receiving reflexology, reiki and massage treatments myself. The benefits of pure relaxation for that time often gave me the chance to recharge, feel energised and help address shift work induced sleeping problems and headaches. 

Also, my son was diagnosed with autism at a young age and my reflexologist offered to try a combination of reflexology and reiki on him. He responded incredibly well! It really helped him to relax and he even slept during several treatments! So from personal experience of just how much they helped me, I wanted to learn how to practice both so I could continue to help him. 

The beauty side started when my nail technician went on maternity leave, I thought I could do my own nails, bought a cheap gel polish kit from a website but soon realised (when my skin reacted badly) just how dangerous this can be by causing allergic reactions!

TVV: How did things progress from there?

Liesl: After many courses I qualified and started to treat friends and family with both reflexology and reiki. I even managed to convince the sceptical members of my family as to the benefits! 

I enrolled at college for a year to become a nail technician, qualified with an NVQ but still wanted to learn more. To use different professional products and be fully covered by insurance, best practice is to train with each company, so I did! I trained to master level and continued to learn and train in other products.  

My career in the Emergency Services ended through injury and I was medically retired in my 40’s. I am a very caring person and enjoy helping others, so I found providing these treatments extremely rewarding and it became a great way for me to become self employed.

Things snowballed through customers wanting specific treatments so the training continued! I became a qualified master in polish and enhancements, have trained in spray tans, advanced brow treatments (with the Eyelash Design Company in London), offer doTERRA aroma touch massage as well as combining aromatherapy oils and tuning forks with reflexology to name a few! 

TVV: This sounds incredibly time consuming, not to mention all rather expensive!

Liesl: There’s a saying, “Nice nails aren’t cheap and cheap nails aren’t nice!” Really, the same applies for all the treatments I offer. Nothing to do with good quality beauty or health is cheap and neither is qualifying as a provider of such treatments. I invest in my training to provide the very highest quality I can. The products I buy are only from authorised companies that comply to all UK regulations. 

For me, being a professional means fully understanding what you are providing and that means the training and continuing professional development never end. Presently, I am mid way through an intensive nail art programme with Sam Biddle which is absolutely amazing. I love this part of being a nail technician, being creative and providing bespoke nail art.

I am also planning on further specialising my practice of reflexology by learning specific treatments to help with conception and maternity related issues and, when I feel ready, I will also endeavour to become a master in reiki. 

I continue to research and train in the best products and courses to ensure my knowledge and offerings are fully up to date. It does take a lot of time and expense but the benefits for my customers are far reaching.

TVV: Beauty and complementary therapies may seem like an unusual combination to some, how does it all come together?

Liesl: These are two passions of mine which may seem very different but actually are not as separate as you may think!  Indeed, one of the most popular requests I receive is a luxury pedicure followed by reflexology. Combining the two is what I would want as a customer so I made sure I could provide it for others. 

It’s too easy to neglect yourself when you have a busy life. Even allowing yourself just an hour a month can provide a much needed break and health boost. I absolutely love it when my clients combine a beauty treatment with reflexology because they leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and really good about themselves. This is what Repose is all about and what drives me. 

Next steps: 

For more information visit the Repose website and to stay up to date with Liesl’s news and services follow her Facebook page. 

We’re delighted to announce that Liesl is going to be a contributor to the Tamar Valley Vibe and in the coming months will be writing some more detailed articles about reflexology, reiki, beauty and wellbeing. Be sure to follow us on social media to be notified about new articles as and when they are published!