Farewell Sweet Flo, Well Hello Ki!

Followers on our social media channels will know we recently lost our beloved greyhound Flo.

Flo was playing with a toy in the garden when she pulled up injured in the most dreadful pain. Her humerus (main leg bone) had snapped and to cut a long and traumatic story short, we took the painful decision to let her go rather than risk an uncertain and unhappy attempt at keeping her going with limited quality of life.

Cue a lot of tears, shock and bewilderment as to how it could have happened from a seemingly innocuous play in the garden. She was nowhere near full speed and did not collide with any objects. The possibility of an old racing injury, perhaps even a stress fracture, reared its ugly head giving rise to some strong feelings.

However, part of letting go is acceptance. We were blessed to have such a lovely dog even if for such a short time. We take comfort, and pride, in the fact she had a happy end to her life following a substantial racing career. It may sound a tad hard, but we didn’t last long before returning to the amazing Russet Greyhound Sanctuary to see about taking on another hound.

So many greyhounds exiting the racing industry need a loving home and with time, routine and a bit of training, they can become the most amazing pets and companions. Ki (pronounced ‘Key’) is the Cornish word for dog and that’s the name we have give to our new greyhound girl.

She is three and half years old, had over seventy races and is settling in nicely. Perhaps a bit too nicely if this photo is anything to go by!

Taking on a new ex-racer, and starting all over again, reminds you just how far you and your previous dog had come since ‘gotcha’ day when the adoption papers were signed. We learned a lot by having Flo and are still learning with Ki. The good news is it’s all going in the right direction. Hopefully, she will soon be ready to be let off the lead to run free in a suitably enclosed field or empty beach at low tide.

Bottom line? Despite the upset of losing Flo, we are still absolutely sold on having a greyhound and are still keen on promoting the retired greyhound rehoming movement. We have no regrets even if we do still miss Flo terribly.

Here’s to many amazing adventures with my new crew mate Ki!