Dreaming Of A Greener Christmas…

For all the seasonal fun, there are some uncomfortable truths to be had about Christmas. Every year, huge quantities of festive waste are generated and the landfills receive a rather unwelcome Xmas bonus. 

You probably don’t need me to tell you that certain types of wrapping paper, sellotape and glitter are not recyclable. Indeed, the chances are you too are one of the many to have joined the long post Xmas queue for the tip with sacks of spent wrapping paper in the car before now. 

If you are keen to avoid repeating such trips and would like to feel a bit better about this aspect of Christmas, here’s something to try….   

This year we will be using recyclable brown parcel paper and employing a bit a crafting. As you can imagine, the paper needs some work to make colourful Christmas wrapping but an easy head start can be had by using coloured twine such as locally produced twool from Dartmoor.

Twool is 100% wool and saves the need to use sellotape to keep the wrapping closed. 

Thereafter break open the coloured calligraphy pens and design away with personalised messages, artwork or whatever you like and think works. I’m sure family members will love seeing the children’s artwork on their wrapping and you could always invest in reusable locally crafted gift tags like those made by Totally Potty.

The ‘tags’ in the photos are in fact home crafted, personalised tree decorations hence there is a bit of glitter on there as these are intended to last many years. If you can, resists the temptation to put glitter on the wrapping paper.  

Doing so means not only can you put the paper in the recycling with a clear conscience, but you can also confine the dreaded tip queue to the ghosts of Christmas past!