Watermarks Watershed……

There is a time honoured saying frequently used in business; ‘Cash is King’. Sage advice, summed up in three words, denoting the essential requirement for a constant flow of cash within an enterprise. In today’s digital age there is a new and increasingly used variant; ‘Content is King’. Another, equally sage, three word summary denoting the need for fresh and appealing content on websites and social media channels to keep audiences engaged.

Both sayings impart good advice but also forewarn of just what a challenge they can be. In the case of the latter, creating good content can take considerable time, effort and expense. So much so, the temptation to cheat (for want of a better term) can prove too great for some.

Have you ever commented on a blog only to see your punchline repeated to form another article the following week? Have you ever noticed on certain sites the same photo being used over and over again or even the same picture being used on a variety of sites? Or perhaps, worst of all, you have uploaded some of your photography in good faith only to see it used by and profited from by others.

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and remain unimpressed to put it mildly!

I recently read a website invitation to voluntarily submit photographs subject to a series of draconian terms and conditions. These included not being credited for your work and the strict prohibition of using any identifying marks whatsoever on the images! Such ‘T&Cs’ should set alarm bells ringing and are the complete antithesis of the Tamar Valley Vibe.

If you are kind enough to follow us and share your images please do watermark them. Of course, a copyright symbol or watermark alone may not stop the unscrupulous but it’s a start. Uploading creative work without any precautions is akin to leaving your debit card and PIN on the nearest cash point. Sure, many folk would not dream of taking advantage but eventually someone may come along who just can’t resist.

If you are a keen photographer with a stunning portfolio or once in a lifetime pic, the chances are we would like to promote you and your work by way of an article. The same applies to all manner of creative ideas, disciplines and work. 

We look forward to enjoying and sharing your creativity but want you to get the credit for it.


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