Our Ethos

We believe a regular following is a privilege creating a duty to act in our readers’ best interests.

This means….

The Tamar Valley Vibe is independent and will remain so. 

Every effort will be made to fully research and personally experience attractions, services and products to enable informed website articles. Occasionally this may include accepting free invitations.

However, if for any reason concerns exist about the nature, quality or conduct of a particular entity, it will not feature regardless of status or operating sector. The right to decline inclusion is reserved and preferred to undertaking unpleasant, negative online reviews or public disputes. 

Advertising will be clearly identified enabling readers to differentiate between contributor content, researched articles and paid for advertisements which have been accepted and published in good faith.

The Tamar Valley Vibe and Your Privacy

Do you object to having your privacy disrespected, trampled all over and profited from by others? Same here! That’s why every effort is made to avoid obtaining your personal information and when that’s unavoidable we take safeguarding of personal data security very seriously.

The Tamar Valley Vibe does not use any cookies or software which harvests your personal data for use by us or any third party.

You can find out more by reading our ‘Privacy Policy’.